Limited government

The best government is that which governs least. That means a government that acts only in a few prescribed areas, funded by as little as possible, and measured on outcomes rather than outputs.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

The purpose of government is to make those possible and in that order. We cannot have liberty without life. We cannot pursue our happiness without the liberty to do so.

Local Control

Government decisions should be made at the lowest possible level, where elected officials best know constituents and their needs, and where the people can best hold their officials accountable.

Follow the Constitution

Both of them.


End recapture (Robin Hood)

It is unjust to make our community pay higher property taxes so that money can be given to a different community.

Support community colleges

I am a product of community colleges and find them to be the most valuable tool of higher education. They cost a fraction of universities, offer technical training in dozens of vocations, and prepare students to succeed in work without massive debt. Community colleges should continue to be fully funded locally and continue to be granted the right to provide new certificates and degrees.

School choice

Parents should have the right to choose the best education for their children, and they should not have to pay twice (once in taxes and twice in tuition) to make that choice.


I am pro-life for the whole life, starting in the womb.


Paying taxes is a necessary evil to live in a safe, well-functioning society but governments must remember our tax dollars are still ours, not theirs. Taxes should be limited, constantly re-evaluated, and returned to us whenever possible. This is especially true for property taxes which carry the risk of taxing people out of their homes.

Secure the border

The Texas-Mexico border is in crisis due to incompetent federal policies. Texas must continue to act – unilaterally if necessary – to secure its southern border, primarily to protect the Texan families who live along the border and are now in danger.