Meet Hayden Padgett

I’m Hayden Padgett, a husband, public servant, proud Republican activist, and dog rescuer. I’m running to represent you in the Texas House.

I grew up in California’s Bay Area, the second of three boys. I received my bachelors from UCLA, worked briefly as a staffer in Washington, DC, then returned home to start my career in software product management.

In 2017, my now wife and I chose to uproot our lives, leave our families and friends, and move to Texas. We came here because of the abundant economic opportunities, the atmosphere of freedom, but most of all because Texans (and our government) value the same things we do.

Why I’m Running to Represent HD70

In Collin County, we live in a community brimming with opportunity and compassion. This is no accident; it’s the inevitable result after decades of Republican leadership. We have thousands of good jobs because of Republicans. We have some of the best schools in the nation because of Republicans. And we have some of the lowest taxes in Texas because of Republicans.

I’m running to keep it that way. As a California transplant to Texas, I saw first hand how Democratic governmental policies ruined a rich and beautiful state. I grew up bearing the cost of those mistakes and I know that we can just as easily lose the Texas miracle.

My family has a long tradition of political activism. My grandmother was a poll worker for 50 years. My grandfather drove in the Goldwater motorcade at the RNC convention in 1964. I carry on that tradition with pride.

I have dedicated my adult life to serving my community. I serve on the Plano Parks & Recreations Board as well as the Texas Product Development & Small Business Incubator Board. I’ve served as a Precinct Chair, Parliamentarian of the Collin County Republican Party, Chair of the Texas Young Republicans, and now Co-Chair of the Young Republican National Federation. I’ve earned a strong reputation with leaders across Texas and built a grassroots network that can keep Texas the engine of America. I have learned from serving my neighbors and I know how to keep our community strong and vibrant. I hope you join me.